Affiliate Program


Earn money online by promoting crypto education with this affiliate program.

Benefit from the reputation of the brand, the #1 platform in Romania for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Benefit from global, available internationally in English.

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Details about the affiliate program

25% comission

For every new premium member enrolled in the academy

110€ commission

Commission value you can earn for every new premium member

30 days cookie

For 30 days, we honor any commission for anyone who accessed your link

Earn money online through affiliate marketing

Why promote the academy

Promote adoption

You can support crypto adoption while earning money at the same time.

High global footprint

You affiliate with a leading media platform with high global footprint.

Video content

We already provide dozens of media content you can start right away.

Available in 2 languages

The academy is available in English and Romanian.More markets, more opportunities.

Promote the academy using social and SEO

Permitted promotion methods

Social media

You can promote the academy using social media platforms

Organic / SEO

You are allowed to promote the academy organically using SEO strategies, through your own website or blog.

Paid ads on Google/ Bing/ Yahoo are NOT accepted.

All applications are manually reviewd

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