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Be part of something great


Represent by being an ambassador.

Be part of an growing reputable brand, and have an actively involvement in the growth and development of the company.

Earn 50% revenue share on different programs, and position yourself to huge opportunities.

Represent and earn!

Benefits of being an ambassador

50% academy

Earn 50% of the revenue from every new premium academy member you enroll.

50% advertise

Receive 50% of the revenue for every advertisment you sell.


Gain VIP access on all events, other programs and opportunities.

Why you should be a ambassador?

Why become an ambassador

Promote the adoption

Support the crypto adoption and earn money in the same time.

Leaders in Romania

Affiliate with a reputable media platform with global footprint.

Grow and evolve

Be part of team, position yourself for amazing opportunities.

Available in 2 languages

Our company operates on 2 languages. Involve on a global scale.

How to qualify for ambassador status?


  • Understanding of Crypto: Have crypto & blockchain knowledge.
  • Passion for the Brand: Genuine interest in, our products, services, and mission.
  • Desire to Learn, Grow & Evolve: An eagerness to continuously improve and align with the evolving landscape of the crypto industry.

Follower Count: A minimum number of followers on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.
Engagement Rate: High engagement rate with followers.
Content Quality: Ability to create content social media content that resonates with our audience.

Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively and professionally.
Ethical Standards: Adherence to ethical guidelines and transparency in promoting products & services.

Time Commitment: Willingness to dedicate specific time to promoting
Be Present at All Events & Meetups: Commitment to attend and actively participate in all related events.
Long-Term Engagement: Interest in a long-term relationship with

Active Involvement in the Community: Regular interaction with community members, fostering positive relationships and spreading awareness of the brand.

Content Creation Skills: Ability to create visually appealing content, including videos, blogs, or graphics.
Crypto Knowledge: In-depth understanding of specific products or concepts related to cryptocurrency.

Previous Experience: Experience as an ambassador for other brands might be an advantage.
Willingness to Learn: Demonstrated willingness to learn and grow within the ambassador role.

Age Requirements: Must meet a certain age requirement to legally enter into a contract.
Adherence to Advertising Laws: Must comply with relevant advertising and disclosure laws.

We manually review every application!

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