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Terms and conditions

Date of last modification: June 25, 2021

Terms and Conditions of use of the platform

We are honored that you are visiting us and we are glad that we can be of service to you. We appreciate that you go through this page carefully before using the content of the site.
Visiting and using this site can only be done if you agree to these terms of use. Visiting and using the site is conditional upon acceptance of these terms of use.
The website (hereinafter referred to as the “Platform” or “”) is owned and operated by SRL, a legal entity of Romanian nationality, with its registered office in Timișoara, Cozia str. no. 59, Timiș county, order number in the Trade Register J35/1664/2021, unique tax registration code 44151196 (hereinafter referred to as “” or “ SRL”), telephone number 0738431595 and e-mail address email [email protected]

This document establishes the terms and conditions of use of the Platform (as defined below) by persons accessing this Platform (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions”).
Binding force of these terms of use
These terms of use are accepted by you simply by accessing and/or using the site, representing the agreement of will between you and us in relation to the use of the site. If one of the provisions of this act is found to be void or invalid, all others remain valid, to the extent possible.
Specific Terms and Conditions reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions. In this regard, these conditions may change at any time without any notice or notification. Accessing the site and/or using any functionality of the page represents your agreement and undertaking to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree with the changes made to these Terms and Conditions, you can stop using the Platform, and if you have a user account opened on the Platform, you can delete it. Continued use of your account after 30 days from the posting of changes constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

Your continued access and/or use of the Platform and Services is deemed your agreement to any changes.
This Platform aims to inform the public about educational aspects in the field of cryptocurrencies, of general interest through articles and materials written for the understanding of non-specialists. All articles, materials, information and/or any other data available on, in our newsletters, on our social media pages or in any other product or service that is made or made available by crypto. ro does not represent consulting activity and cannot engage in any form and in front of any natural or legal person or authorities.
Our materials and information are made for standard situations and are not adapted to any particular situation. That is why, before applying any information available on or made available by to your particular situation, you should ask for the opinion of a specialist relevant to your activity.
Also, due to the specificity of what we offer to the public, cannot offer guarantees regarding the accuracy, correctness or current nature of the information or services provided by or through the Platform. We also inform you that the computer systems or programs used to display or transmit information on the website or in any other form may contain viruses or other destructive code sequences or may have other destructive properties.
Accessing and downloading the pages of the site is done without us assuming the responsibility that the pages are not infected with viruses, trojans or other such unwanted products, which could affect your computer or the information on it.
Therefore, is not liable to any extent, for any damage, of whatever nature it may be, related to or resulting from (i) the use of articles, materials, information or any other data available on or made available through the Platform , respectively included in our newsletters, on our social media pages or in any other product that is made or made available by
The site uses cookies to improve services. They allow easier access to the site’s resources. This technical procedure is used by almost all websites.
We cannot guarantee the accuracy and presence of the pages displayed by your browser, nor the communication between Internet nodes. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for any kind of damages, caused directly or indirectly by the operation of the site, nor by the malfunctions of the site. Although using this site you assume some risks, we are confident that you will be very satisfied with our services, but for a good relationship between you and us, please consider the provisions of these terms of use.
Links to other pages or Internet addresses are public information. These have been selected, but does not assume responsibility for the usefulness or accuracy of these sites. is not affiliated with the owners of those sites, and any exceptions will be expressly mentioned or will be obvious. SRL is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, regardless of their nature, caused by accessing, downloading or using those sites.


Intellectual property rights
The entire content of the Platform is the exclusive property of
Any use of the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions or by another contract concluded expressly and in writing between SRL and you is prohibited.
It is not permitted to use the Platform for the purpose of deliberately introducing viruses or any other program or material that may be technically harmful or destructive. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to this Platform, the server on which it is hosted or any other server, computer or database in connection with this Platform are prohibited. By accepting the Terms and Conditions you agree not to attack this Site through a denial of service attack.

Non-compliance with the provisions of this section will be reported to the competent authorities, according to the applicable legal provisions, in order to apply legal sanctions and will result in the immediate suspension of the right to use the Platform.

The following activities carried out through the Platform are prohibited without limitation:

defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten, harm or violate the rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights) of others;
publishing, uploading, distributing or disseminating any obscene, defamatory or illegal content;
using the Platform for purposes that contravene legal regulations, as well as for any other purpose that exceeds that established by these Terms and Conditions;
publishing files or other types of computer materials that contain viruses, worms or other programs with the intention of destroying or damaging any system or information;
advertising or offering any other products or services that are not Educational Products;
promoting any surveys, contests, pyramid schemes or chain letter correspondence;
publishing the same content repeatedly (spamming);
restricting or obstructing the use of the Platform by any other persons. Insinuating or stating that or SRL guarantees or supports in any way any statements you make and/or any products or services provided through the Platform or outside of it, in the absence of prior consent expressed in written by SRL;
the use of any manual or automated systems in order to unlawfully collect personal data, copy information or index services;
cyber attack on the Platform, users registered in the Platform, servers and/or related networks;
affecting or violating in any way the rights and legitimate interests of SRL;
uploading material that is offensive, offensive or harmful, indecent, derogatory, pornographic, including without limitation content that advocates, incites or promotes racism, religious intolerance, hatred or physical aggression against other individuals or groups of people;
publishing content or providing access to content that abuses, violently or sexually exploits minors; reserves the unilateral right to remove any content that contravenes these provisions, as well as to block access to the Platform, respectively to refuse the provision of Services to persons who do not comply with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Blocking access to the Platform and the provision of Services will be preceded by a notification from

Also, reserves the right to take action against all persons who are guilty of causing any damage to or the website, by violating the obligations contained in these Terms and Conditions.

The comments section/Discussion forum may provide you with public discussion forums between you and other Users. does not select and/or modify the messages of its Users.
However, we reserve the right to delete, move or edit these messages or to restrict the access of some of the Users to any of the discussion forums offered by us, if they violate the law, the present terms or the rights and/or legitimate interests of SRL or other people.
You are solely responsible for the content you provide. Posting or transmitting content through the discussion forums made available by is subject to the following limitations:
You may not publish, transmit or refer to any type of content that may include a form unanimously recognized in society as “advertising” for various categories of goods and/or services.
You may not publish, transmit or communicate in any way to Users any unsolicited commercial message, regardless of whether or not this submission is made through the discussion forums made available by Moreover, the granting of access to your User Account is conditioned on its use only in accordance with the requirements of the law and these Terms and Conditions.
You may not post, transmit or refer in any way to content that contains recommendations to buy or not to buy a particular product or service. Also, you may not publish or refer in any way to content containing confidential information, regardless of whether or not it is marked “confidential” or with any other mention of this kind, or to messages that have the role of affecting the price , image or market value of a product or service.
You may in no way collect personal data from Users.
You may not restrict or remove other Users’ access to the discussion forums made available by
By using the discussion forums made available by you agree that you are solely responsible and will indemnify SRL for any damages, costs or losses of any nature, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of the posting, transmission or reference by you of texts whose content violates the provisions of the law and/or of these Terms and Conditions.
The forum contains texts posted by Users, over which has no control and which does not select and/or modify. cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of these messages, nor the compliance by the Users with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. As a result, some of the published messages may present a misleading, incomplete, incorrect or aggressively oriented reality towards other social categories.
Registration Obligations
When registering the Account on the Platform and, subsequently, throughout the existence of that account, you have the following obligations:
To provide true, accurate and complete data and documents, according to the registration form made available by the Platform;
To maintain and, as the case may be, update when the situation requires it, the registration data as well as any other data provided to so that they are constantly true, accurate and complete;
To provide at the request of SRL any necessary information related to the use of the Platform.

In case of providing information that is not in accordance with reality, inaccurate or incomplete, has the right to suspend your account.
For any requests, suggestions, questions and complaints regarding the Platform, please send us an email at [email protected].
Term and Termination
This Agreement will enter into force on the date of completion of entering the data required to open the account and will continue until it is terminated by or by you, according to the provisions below.

You can, at any time, stop using our Services by deleting the account you created.

We may terminate Your use of any Service with 30 days prior notice.

We may suspend or terminate these Terms and Conditions if we determine that:

a. you have significantly or repeatedly violated their provisions and failed to remedy the violation within 7 days of receiving the notification sent by in this regard;

b. Your account is used for deceptive or fraudulent or illegal activities;

We will notify you of any such termination or suspension by email or similar means sent to you individually, indicating the reason and any appeal options, unless we have reason to believe that providing such information will prevent investigating or preventing deceptive, fraudulent or illegal activities.
Account, Password, Security and Account Use
You are the only person authorized to use your Account, being the only party responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any password or account number provided by in order to access the services.
You are solely responsible for all activities that occur through your Account and your passwords. SRL has no control over the use of the Accounts and disclaims any responsibility for the activities derived from its use. In the event of suspicions regarding the unauthorized use of passwords or accounts by third parties, as well as indications of any violations of the security systems, you shall assume the obligation to immediately notify SRL of these aspects.
Making an Order
The User may add Goods to the shopping cart on the Platform, subject to the available stock of those Goods indicated on the Platform. Next, if he wants to register the order, he should press the “Complete Order” button.

Adding a Good to the shopping cart, without pressing the “Complete Order” button, does not entail any obligation for, and the respective Goods may be purchased by other persons, without guaranteeing their reservation in favor of the User .

The availability of a Good will be displayed on the Platform as follows: “in store stock”.

By registering an order on the Site, the User agrees to use the form of communication (telephone, SMS or e-mail) communicated on the Platform. By completing the order, the Buyer guarantees that all the data provided by him are real and correct, otherwise he will be liable for any consequences determined by these errors (delayed delivery, delivery to another address of the Goods, etc.).
Acceptance of the Order
Within a maximum of 48 hours from the registration of the order, the User will receive either an order confirmation e-mail. This notification is made by e-mail and includes details of the Goods ordered, the total cost of the order, including delivery costs and an order identification number. The contract is considered concluded when the User receives the notification by which the order is confirmed in full.

After receiving the order confirmation notification, the User will receive a notice via e-mail by which he will be informed of its pick-up by the Courier specifying the number of the transport document (AWB).

If the Order cannot be fully honored by for any reason, will notify the User at the e-mail address or telephone number provided by him when placing the Order.

The possibility of refusing the Order in exceptional situations can refuse an Order placed following a prior notification addressed to the User, without any obligations between the parties and without the User being able to claim damages, for the following situations:

failure / invalidation of the online transaction by the payment processor;
non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the User’s card / the transaction;
incomplete or incorrect data of the User;
the User’s activity may cause damage to / partners;
at least 3 (three) consecutively failed deliveries due to causes that belong exclusively to the User;
other objective reasons: for example without being limited to the situation where the User does not guarantee that the payment method is valid and that it is not obtained through a fraudulent method or there are suspicions regarding the payment method.

The User’s right of withdrawal
According to the provisions of 34/2014 regarding consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts, the User has the right to withdraw from the Contract, i.e. return a Good, within 14 calendar days, without invoking any reason and without incurring costs other than those of delivery.

If applicable, this 14-day period will be calculated from the day the User takes physical possession of the Goods or:

If the User decides to withdraw from the Contract, he has the following options:

to request online the return form found on the Site at the address [email protected];
or request the return of the products at the following phone number 0738431595.

In case of exercising the legal right of withdrawal and the order was paid by the User in advance, will reimburse the amount within a maximum of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of informing by the User of his decision to withdraw from the contract.

This term can be extended if does not take physical possession of the returned goods within the stated period for reasons beyond its control or if the User does not send a confirmation of the shipment of the parcel, taking into account the nearest date.

The amount will be returned in lei on the dates of the initial transaction or by bank transfer to an account in lei indicated by the User in the return form. is not obliged to reimburse the additional costs if the User has explicitly chosen a different type of delivery than the standard delivery offered through the Site.

The products offered by from the category [to insert a link with personalized t-shirts] through the Platform represent products made according to the specifications presented by the User, the User declaring that he is aware of this aspect and accepting the digital format of the product, which is defined according to art. 2 point 11 of Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding the rights of consumers in contracts concluded with professionals.
Thus, considering that these supplied products represent products made according to the specifications presented by the user, according to art. 16 letter m) of Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding the rights of consumers in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts, you do not have the right to request withdrawal from the contract concluded with, and implicitly the return of the purchased products.
Placing an order on the website, by going through all the steps, is equivalent to your prior express consent to start the provision and supply of digital products and, at the same time, confirmation that you have become aware that you lose your legal right to withdraw, provided for by Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 regarding consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals
Invoicing and Payment
Order invoicing

The user is obliged to provide all the information necessary to issue the invoice in accordance with the legislation in force.

Invoices will be received by the User exclusively in electronic format, by e-mail.

By sending the order, the User expresses his consent to receive the invoices exclusively in electronic format, by e-mail

Payment of Goods

The ordered goods can be paid in lei, in cash upon delivery or online with the card.

All prices shown on the Platform include applicable taxes. Delivery costs will always be highlighted separately and added to the total price of the Order.

Except as otherwise provided in the Terms and Conditions, the total price you will actually pay for the Goods ordered is that indicated at the time of placing the order.

Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the VISA, MAESTRO and MASTERCARD logos. No additional fee is charged for such payments. For the correct completion of the transaction, you must enter the data necessary to authorize the transaction in the payment platform, following the instructions provided by this platform. Transactions are carried out in lei, at the exchange rate of the bank issuing your card, if it is associated with an account in a currency other than lei.

If you opt for online payment, after placing the order, you will be redirected to the page where you can enter the card data to make the online payment.

Erroneous prices

If discovers an error related to the price of one/some Goods already ordered by the User, will inform the User as soon as possible about the error. In these situations, the User will have the option either to reconfirm the order at the correct price, or to cancel the order.

If the Buyer cannot be contacted, within a reasonable time, using the contact details he provided during the ordering process, will consider the order canceled and the Buyer will be notified of this by e-mail .

Adding a Good to the shopping cart, without pressing the “Complete Order” button, does not entail any obligation for, and the respective Good may be purchased by other persons, without guaranteeing their reservation in favor of the User who added those Goods to the shopping cart.

Adding a Good to the shopping cart, without pressing the “Complete Order” button, does not incur any obligations. There is the possibility of changing the sale price of the Good between the two moments. The user has the obligation to check possible changes.

The delivery will be made through the courier company indicated by within the term in accordance with the estimated delivery term displayed on the website, in the case of an order placed at the time the offer is displayed. On the day of delivery, you will be contacted by the courier company, by phone or SMS, to the mobile phone number you provided during the ordering process.

Unless the parties have otherwise agreed on the time of delivery, the ordered Goods will be delivered (transfer of physical possession or control thereof) to the User without undue delay and in any case not exceeding the legal term of 30 days from the placement order.

The User is solely responsible in the following situations:
he must ensure that the delivery can be made to the indicated delivery address and that he is available at this address on the date of delivery to accept the Goods;
if the delivery cannot take place for another reason that, reasonably, cannot control/foresee, the ordered Goods will be stored for 7 days at the courier company, during which time you will be contacted by the courier to establish delivery details. After the expiration of this term, the Contract will be considered terminated by full law, without any prior notification and without the intervention of the court. If the costs related to this order have already been paid, the corresponding amount will be fully reimbursed within 7 calendar days from the date of expiry of the storage term.
after signing the delivery documents, the User acquires physical possession of the ordered Goods. From this moment, the User assumes all risks on the Goods, respectively the risk of loss, destruction or damage.
If the User is not personally available, he can designate a third person to take over the Goods on his behalf. The User’s representative who will take over the Goods must be a person with the necessary legal capacity, i.e. have reached the age of 18, to be able to receive the Goods on behalf of the User.
The user agrees to provide in advance as much detail as possible about the special characteristics of the place of delivery to ensure that the delivery can take place.
Upon delivery, the User will check the condition of the packaging and the correct number of packages delivered. If there is obvious damage or missing or incorrect Goods, these findings will be recorded in the delivery documents.
.For any problem arising in the delivery process, the User will contact at the e-mail address [email protected]
Goods Guarantees The
products sold online by benefit from the mandatory guarantee provided by law in favor of the consumer.
Reviews, comments, questions and answers policy
Users can write reviews, comments, questions and answers in the “Reviews” section. The information written by them must meet the following conditions:

they will refer exclusively to the characteristics and manner of use of the Goods purchased/intended to be purchased/returned;
Romanian or English will be used;
the language will not be offensive, insulting or discriminatory towards other Users;
not to use these sections for other purposes, eg marketing, advertising, etc.;
the information entered by them is realistic, accurate, not misleading and in accordance with applicable laws, thus respecting the rights of other parties, including copyright, trademark, license or other proprietary, publicity or privacy rights;
not to divulge and not to try to obtain personal data of third parties;

When registering a certain review/comment/question/answer on the platform, the User grants a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, territorially unlimited license and gives the right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute and to display this content. has the right if the above is uploaded by

to the removal of the review/comment/question or answers flagged and proven to violate the above conditions;
suspension of the User’s Account in case of repeated violations (ie at least 2 consecutive removals) or a serious violation consisting of an obvious character contrary to the rules above.

The User undertakes to indemnify, defend and guarantee (including its employees, administrators, associates or any other collaborators) with respect to any claims, actions, demands, indemnities, losses, liability, costs or other expenses (including expenses court fees, costs and other court fees) derived from any claims, litigation, proceedings or allegations made by any third party against, resulting from or in connection with your use of the Platform.
Limitation of Liability SRL is only liable for damages caused intentionally or as a result of gross negligence, respectively for damages caused to physical or mental integrity or health, under the terms of the law and only within the limits established by these Terms and Conditions. can be closed at any time, there being no liability for the termination of the activity. SRL is not responsible for any kind of damage (ie loss of profit, loss of potential or eventual earnings, interruptions of activity, loss of data or the like) caused by or in connection with the use of the site or originating from the site , even if SRL knew or should have known the possibility of such losses.
Confidential Information
While using the Platform, you may receive Confidential Information. You agree that, during your use of the Account and for 5 years after termination of use:

a. All Confidential Information will remain the exclusive property of SRL.

b. you will not disclose Confidential Information to any individual, company or other party except as necessary to comply with the law;

c. you will take all reasonable steps to protect the Confidential Information against any use or disclosure not expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions; and

d. you will retain the Confidential Information only for as long as its use is necessary for the use of the Platform or for the fulfillment of legal obligations (for example, taxes or other fiscal obligations, etc.) and in all cases you will delete such information upon termination or as soon as it is no longer necessary to fulfill legal obligations. You may not issue any press release regarding the Platform or use our name, trademarks, logo in any way (including in promotional materials).
Relationship of the Parties
You and SRL are independent contractors and nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between the parties. You will not have the authority to make or accept offers or representations on our behalf. You will not make any statement, whether on your website or otherwise, that contradicts anything in this section.
Advertising and content provided by third parties
Parts of the Platform Content may be provided by third parties. Also, inside the Content of the Platform may be included advertising sections in which advertising messages of third parties will be displayed. SRL is not responsible in any way for the content provided by third parties, regardless of whether it is advertising or not. Also, SRL is not responsible for the content of pages linked from
The platform
has the right to determine the design, content, functionality, availability and opportunity of the existence of the Platform.
Applicable law. disputes
The rights and obligations of the parties mentioned in this document, as well as any legal effects thereof, are governed by the applicable Romanian legislation.
If any provision of this document is considered invalid, the invalidity of such provision will not affect the validity of the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use, which shall remain in force.
All disputes and differences that may result from or in connection with the functionality, content or availability of the Platform or with regard to any aspects related to the use of the Platform, will be resolved, amicably, through negotiation between the parties who will make every effort in this regard . In the event that the parties do not reach an agreement, any dispute arising from or in connection with the use, functionality, content or availability of the Platform or that has any connection distinct from these examples with it will be finally resolved by the courts of Timișoara .